My Reseller Club

Now is the time for You to make a full time living from the Internet with never having to worry about..............

1. Promoting a single product or service.
2. Recruiting a single person.
3. Following up with new members.
4. Selling any products or services.

After 10 Years and Thousands of dollars we have developed a  Professional Automated system that you can plug yourself into and it will automatically, 
without any effort on your part.....................

1. Promote your personal My Reseller Club Business Web Page just like we
are doing for this member to thousands of prospects daily Worldwide 
through our Autoresponder Business.

2. Sign up new free members in your downline, Worldwide.

3. Follow up with those free members through two different Autoresponders that we set up, manage, and run for you 24/7. The daily messages
we send to your downline will explain our fully automated recruiting, 
follow-up, & sales system & explain the personal benefits of placing an order
for My Reseller Club in your downline.

4. Make all your sales for you and..............

5. Pay your commissions direct to your account.

This automated system is....................

1. Already in place.
2. Already has paid out thousands of dollars in commissions.
3. Already signing up new members EVERY DAY worldwide.
4. Already paying its' members.
5. Not available with any other Internet Business besides ours.

And it won't cost you but a dollar a day for the opportunity to receive $2,360.00 month after month!

Below is the amount of money you will be paid for all the sales we 
make for you through our automated system when you are signed up as a Pro Member for $30 a month with only 258 people in your downline.

We have recruited over 40,000 members in our other programs to date. 
We sign up 50 to 100 new members 7 days a week.
We are one of the largest Marketing Businesses on the Internet today.

Pay Plan 6 x 3 Sales Organization




Total Monthly Pay

1 6 $5.00 $30.00 Monthly
2 36 $5.00 $180.00 Monthly
3 216 $10.00 $2,160.00 Monthly

For a total monthly payout of $2,360.00, That's just 258 members in your downline.

We also offer an Executive Membership for just $60 per month.
Look at what can be made month after month in our Executive Position 
with just 258 members in your downline.

Pay Plan 6 x 3 Sales Organization




Total Monthly Pay

1 6 $10.00 $60.00 Monthly
2 36 $10.00 $360.00 Monthly
3 216 $20.00 $4,320.00 Monthly

For a total monthly payout of $4,740.00

Six members in each dowline membership, Pro or Executive, will pay your monthly membership fees.

You can join as a Pro, Executive, or as both and double your monthly income.

What are we selling?

Hundreds of Internet Promotional Tools, that you can use or resell for 
100% profit in addition to the commissions we will pay you for all the sales we 
make in your downline.

Pro Membership includes the following:

1. Replicating web page for you to do additional promotions. 
(optional. Not required to earn commissions)

2. All of our Promotional Software scripts to use or sell and make 100% profit. Look at all the scripts HERE.

3. The promotion of your My Reseller Club Site through our Autoresponder 
to thousands of prospects daily.

4. A membership to: My FFA Page

Executive Membership includes all of the items listed above with the 
addition of: